Divorce mediation is an alternative approach to the more adversarial way that people often legally end their marriages. You might wonder if your situation is a good fit for mediation. People dealing with the following four situations are often excellent candidates. 

Couples Who Agree

It runs counter to the stereotype of divorce, but some couples can face the facts at the end of their marriages. Folks who strongly agree that they should divorce are superb candidates for mediation. They can pay one divorce mediator instead of at least two divorce lawyers so that's a win right there.

Notably, the two of you might wonder if you can just handle the process yourselves. Divorce has implications that go far beyond the near future. This is particularly true if a couple has children or significant joint assets. The wise move is to have a professional prepare all of the documents so you can trust that you've covered all of the bases.

People Who Need Confidentiality

Divorce lawsuits are matters of public record. While one of you will still have to file the basic divorce suit to end the marriage, mediation can keep the details confidential. High-net-worth individuals, for example, don't usually want to advertise their wealth because it can attract scammers and moochers. Similarly, celebrities, politicians, executives, and other high-visibility people may want to keep their divorce details confidential.

Simple Situations

Some divorces are just simple. A couple that lacks children or significant assets, for example, might just want to part ways without having a legal battle. Even if there are hurt feelings, the wise move may be divorce mediation.

The divorce mediator can iron out the legal details to make sure that nothing weird might happen down the road. For example, people sometimes find out they can't marry someone else in the future because they never properly terminated their marriage. A mediator will ensure that none of the little details go awry even in a simple situation.

Quick Resolution

Divorce battles tend to drag on if even one side digs in. Mediation offers a better chance of wrapping things up quickly. Suppose one partner in the marriage wants to remarry and move to another country. If they have a job offer overseas, they might wish to wrap the divorce process up as quickly as possible. Mediation provides the speediest resolution while also ensuring that no one will accidentally overlook any key details.

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