Lanes are designed to keep drivers safe and facilitate the flow of traffic. When someone negligently doesn't stay in their lane and crashes into you, you can sue them for their actions. Collisions resulting from these incidents may lead to broken bones, whiplash, spine injuries, and psychological trauma. Treating these conditions may dent your bank account and add financial stress to your life, especially if you have a family to support. If you want to obtain compensation for your pain, contact a car accident attorney. Here are three tasks they'll handle for you:

Proving Liability

A driver who fails to stay in their lane and causes a crash breaches a duty of care. Their actions may be considered reckless, and they may be held accountable for any injuries they cause. A lawyer can establish if they acted negligently by determining if there were obstacles in the driver's path, checking if they were distracted on the road or fell asleep at the wheel, and determining if there was a blind spot. If they discover that the driver failed to change lanes safely due to negligence, they can file a lawsuit against them.

Collecting Proof

You need to have a lawyer by your side when collecting evidence. These include pictures of the crash scene, witness statements, and copies of police reports. These professionals know what to look for and where to find it. If the proof collected is circumstantial, they can contact a reconstructionist to establish how the crash occurred and add more details to your case. With them in your corner, proving that a driver failed to stay in their lane won't be difficult. 

Dealing with Insurers

When you're injured and traumatized, the last thing you want to do is play games with insurers. Unfortunately, you may have to go through this before receiving your compensation. Most insurance companies are for-profit businesses, so they're always looking for ways to pay less money on claims. A lawyer knows how to deal with these companies and their adjusters, saving you from their tricks. They'll include all the details in your case to enable you to receive a high settlement and block possible defenses an insurer may try to use to avoid paying you. 

Contacting a car accident attorney to represent you is the right thing to do if you have been involved in a crash with a driver who veered out of their lane. By working with these professionals, you can rest assured that the critical tasks associated with your case will be handled professionally and efficiently. This will give you the best chance of recovering the full and fair compensation you deserve.