Did you receive a speeding ticket that you do not feel is justified? Thankfully, you have the option to fight the ticket in court to have it thrown out. It's important that you go to court prepared with potential defenses for your speeding ticket if you want to be successful, with these being some tips for how to do it.

Read The Law

The first place to start when fighting a speeding ticket is to read the specific law that you are accused of violating. Every county has its own laws regarding speeding, and the laws are written in a unique way. You may be surprised at how many nuances there are in the law and how it can apply to you. For example, the law may state that you must have been speeding for a specific distance for it to qualify.

Know The Method Used To Track Your Speed

Police officers have a few methods that they can use to track how fast you were going when they give you a ticket for speeding. The most common method is with a radar gun, which is a device that is used to point at vehicles and tell you how fast they are going. Pace clocking is another method, where they travel behind another vehicle to match their speed, and then look at how fast they are going on their own speedometer. A VASCAR device can also be used, which tracks how fast a vehicle is traveling by measuring how long it takes for them to travel from point A to point B. 

Each method has its own potential defenses against it, and your ticket will tell you the method that was used. You may consider challenging the results from the radar gun by asking when the equipment was last calibrated, or the accuracy of the police officer's vehicle if they were using the pacing method. 

Verify The Paperwork

All speeding tickets do have paperwork associated with it, and you need to make sure that the paperwork is accurate. Sometimes simply asking to verify the paperwork is enough to have a ticket thrown out, because if the police officer doesn't have it then they can't reference why they gave you the ticket. For example, if you ask how your speed was recorded looking for one of the previously mentioned methods, and the police officer doesn't have the paperwork to reference, then your ticket could be thrown out.

For further questions and more help contact a traffic lawyer near you.