Is your spouse trying to use some tricks to gain an advantage during divorce proceedings, or are they being a bit vindictive about what is happening? Be aware of the following things that they may do to get back at you or receive a favorable outcome.

Spending Money

It is possible that a spouse is angry about the divorce and losing assets, so they decide to spend money wildly because they would rather lose it than see it go to the other spouse. They may buy items that they are able to hide or even go gambling with the money and risk losing it all. You'll need to work with your lawyer to put half of the funds aside so that they do not spend more than half of your shared savings. A lawyer can also help get a judge to issue an injunction, which will freeze the bank accounts so that money cannot be withdrawn. This behavior can also be accommodated by altering their final judgment to account for those spent funds.

Changing Their Pay

If someone owns their own business, it is possible that they may change the way that they make money so that it looks as if their salary is much less than what it really is. They will keep the funds in the business and then pay themselves their lost wages after the divorce is finalized. Another method may be to pay a friend or family member instead of themselves and then request the money from them in cash so that it does not look like they technically made the money. These are techniques that a lawyer will know to look into if your spouse has a small business since someone needs to look at the finances of the business to verify that things are being done fairly.

Hiding Assets

A common thing that people do is try to hide assets from the other person. This could range from a bank account that is only in their name to an investment account that the other person was never aware of. It is more likely to see the person requesting the divorce to do this since they have time to move assets around prior to filing the necessary paperwork for their divorce. Your lawyer will look back through statements over the years to see how money has been moved around and help verify that there are no hidden assets during a divorce.

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