All of what you spend your life accumulating is no doubt important to you, and there is no way that you want your estate wrongly handled when you pass away. Therefore, the responsible decision to make is to create a living will. But beyond this basic measure of estate planning, there are some situations that require a little more time and attention, and you may need a trust attorney. A trust attorney is a skilled professional who is familiar with laws regarding estates, wills, and probate. Not everyone will have to have the aid of a trust lawyer, but there are some situations in which hiring a trust lawyer would be in your best interest. 

You want those listed as your beneficiaries to receive their inheritance at a predetermined date. 

Perhaps you would rather your children only receive their inheritance from you once they hit a certain age or milestone in life and not immediately upon your passing, as is usual. If this is the case, a trust lawyer will become the sole professional over the funds you leave behind in a trust account and make sure when your children hit the certain age you have chosen, they get the inheritance that is due to them. Without a legal overseer of the trust account, this is difficult to make happen. 

You want to ensure an unaffiliated third party is responsible for divvying up your money once you pass away. 

If you have several living heirs, appointing one of them as the trustee alone can lead to some issues in some families. Appointing one child over another may lead to hard feelings, for example. If you are concerned about either insulting your heirs by picking one trustee or are afraid that the trust you leave will not be properly handled, you can hire a trust lawyer and appoint them as the primary trustee of your trust fund. 

You will be leaving a trust behind to a minor but don't want to appoint their guardian as an affiliated trust overseer. 

Leaving a trust fund to a minor brings about some specific concerns and can definitely bring about even more concerns if you do not want that minor's parent or guardian to be associated with the trust. You can hire a trust lawyer to be the overseer of the  minor's trust account. The lawyer will ensure the funds in the account are dispersed in the fashion that you designated before your death. 

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