If you are in love and hope to marry someone who lives in another country, a K-1 or fiance visa may be able to make it happen for you. To obtain one, you have to petition immigration, tell them of your intent to marry, and prove to them that you deserve to be approved. In addition to making sure you're a legitimate couple, immigration requires that you meet certain financial criteria and make financial sacrifices throughout the application process. As a sponsor, you are primarily responsible for making these sacrifices. Following are four financial concerns for sponsors. 

Legal Fees

The government charges fees throughout the entire visa process. What's more, the process is very complicated, so you will likely want to hire a lawyer to sort everything out for you. A few of the fees that you will be responsible for include a $340 filing fee, a $240 visa application fee, a government reciprocity visa fee, a $985 adjustment-of-status application fee, and so on. On top of all of these fees, an attorney will charge you somewhere around $1,800

Affidavit of Support

Before your application for a visa can be approved, you mush show that you can financially support your fiance once they arrive in the country. You see, they will not be able to work until they get their work permit, which can take months. To qualify, you must show that your income is at least 125% of the minimum poverty guidelines for a family of your size. Your fiance also counts as a member of your family. 

Travel Costs

Getting a fiance visa can take time, so you will likely want to see your beloved at some point during the process. Plus, your fiance will have to travel here once the visa is approved. Therefore, you must plan on paying out travel costs during this time period as well. As you know, each trip can cost thousands. 

Medical Costs

Before coming to the country, your fiance must undergo a medical evaluation by a doctor who's qualified to perform examinations for immigration purposes—not every doctor can do this. The cost for the exam varies, but it's usually several hundred dollars. 

As you can see, there are a lot of costs associated with a K-1 visa. If you wish to sponsor your fiance and have them move into the country, you must first make sure that your financial situation is stable enough to make it happen. You should also have a substantial amount of money put away in savings. 

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