For anyone who has been hurt in a car accident, you can expect to provide some information about your injury to your insurance agent or the agent of the person who caused the accident. This medical information is necessary to determine how much money will be required to satisfy your damages. Your insurer may request the following pieces of information:

Medical Records

After you have seen a doctor, your insurer will want to see your medical records. This can include the doctor's diagnosis, how you received your injuries, and what type of treatment you received. For car accidents, the insurer will also request a copy of your x-rays that were taken immediately after the accident as well as those from your follow up visit with your doctor. This is so they can determine the amount of time it will take before you are able to return to your normal activity. They may also be checking to see if you had any preexisting issues that could have exacerbated your injuries.

While you are required to send some of your personal medical information to the insurance company, there is a limit as to what they can ask for. If you have a feeling that the insurer is making requests that seem unreasonable, you do have the right to decline the information. You can ask why they need certain pieces of medical information. If you do not find that their answer is necessary to the details of your claim, you can tell the agent that you will not be providing that requested information. Should your case end up in court, your attorney can continue to argue why certain pieces of your personal medical records are irrelevant to the case at hand.

An Additional Medical Exam

The insurer may request that you have a second medical exam using a doctor of their choice. This will often occur if the opinion of the adjuster is greatly different that that of the physician that treated you for your injuries. Keep in mind that if you are asked for a second independent medical exam, you do not have to do it. However, it may be a requirement if your case ends up in front of a judge.

Car accident claims are often easy and straightforward as long as you work closely with your attorney. However, you need to be fully aware of your rights when an insurance agency asks for information from you. If you are worried about providing too much personal information, be sure to consult with your attorney.