Bailing a friend or loved one out of jail means you are taking the responsibility that the person being released from jail will show up to court when ordered. If the person you bailed out of jail does not show up to court as ordered, the bond you guaranteed will be revoked and you will be held legally responsible for paying for the losses the bail bond agency suffered because the person skipped their court date. You can take action if you think the person won't show up to a court to protect your assets. Here is what you should do if you know the person you bailed out of jail has no intention of showing up to court.

Contact Bail Bond Company

You should let the bail bonds company know right away that you no longer want to guarantee the bond on a person and to request that the person gets picked up to be taken back into custody. The bail bond company will send out individuals who have the legal power to hunt the person down, take them into their personal custody, and deliver them to jail where they are re-incarcerated.

Certified Copy of Bond

A bail bond company will typically wait until they get a certified copy of the bond from the courts before they will take any action. The process for getting the certified copy generally takes a week or two. The bail bond company will need a certified copy of the bond in order for the jail or court to accept the person you bailed out back into custody. 

Releasing Guarantee Procedure

The bail bond company has to go through a process to get the bond released before they will return any money to you or release any of the collateral you pledged to support the bond. Once the person you bailed out is returned to jail, the bond will be rescinded and you will be released from your financial obligation to the bail bond company. However, the costs for apprehending and jailing the person will be passed along to you. The cost might be significant, but you can save your home or car, and if necessary, set up a payment plan to repay the bail bond company for its services.

The important thing to remember when posting a bond to get someone out of jail is that you do have the option of backing away from the responsibilities you agreed to when you used the services of a bail bond company.