If you're involved in a lawsuit, you may be required to complete a deposition. This is part of the discovery stage and requires you to meet with the opposing party's attorney and discuss the details of the case.  For many people, this may be one of the most nerve-wracking part of the discovery stage. Knowing specific tips that can help you complete a deposition are important for you to understand.

Tip #1:  Be honest

You will be required to be sworn in under oath when providing a  deposition, so it is critical to the success of your case that you tell the truth. Providing untruthful information at this stage of the case would be considered perjury and may require you to face steep penalties or possible jail time.

Tip #2: Meet with your lawyer

It is important that you have a meeting with your attorney prior to attending the deposition. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with what may occur at this important meeting.

Listed below are questions you may want to ask your attorney:

1.  What is the length of the deposition?

2.   Do you have to respond to all the questions that are asked?

3.   Is it possible to bring another person with you to the inquiry?

4.   Will the opposing party be present?

5.   Will you receive a copy of the deposition?

6.   Will this meeting be videotaped?

7.   How many people will attend this meeting?

The more details you have about the deposition, the better prepared you will be to complete it. Additionally, be sure that your attorney will be by your side on the day of the deposition.

Tip #3:  Be brief

It's in your best interest to respond with a simple yes or no response when possible. This will prevent the need for you to go into long answers and details about the case, which could cause your words to be turned around into something else.

Remember, the person who is asking questions about the case has been employed by your opposition and is not working on your behalf.

Getting through a deposition will require patience and knowledge about what to expect. It's important to the outcome of your case to provide a deposition that provides all the details that are necessary. Be sure to work closely with your personal injury attorney to know what to expect during this meeting for the best possibility of success.

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