Each year, Memorial Day signals the unofficial beginning of summer. Unfortunately, it also signals the start of all those summer injuries. Knowing just how many injuries occur over the summer is frightening, but it's all in a day's work for a personal injury attorney. Every day, personal injury attorneys see the consequences of summer accidents, many of which occur due to negligence. Even if you cannot prevent such injuries from befalling you, you have legal options you can turn to.

1 - Pool Injuries & Drowning

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission states that nearly all pool accidents are preventable, and yet hundreds of people drown each year. Most are under the age of 15. This does not even include the thousands of pool-related injuries that occur each year, including brain and spinal cord injuries. Protection from such injuries may come from staffing a lifeguard or barricading a pool so that toddlers have no access to it. Swimming lessons for all little ones are also helpful.

2 - Barbecue Accidents

Even the best grill masters find themselves on the wrong side of the barbecue pit. Fire departments around the country answer to about 8,200 fires involving grills and barbecues each year. Unfortunately, smoke inhalation and burns are far more numerous. It is important to remember that barbecue pits are real fires, and it is important to use them in areas with plenty of ventilation. Somebody who inhales smoke or is burned at a barbecue may be able to file a lawsuit based on these injuries.

3 - Yard Work Injuries

Mowing the grass and clipping dead branches can be dangerous. Each year, lawn mower accidents contribute to 80,000 hospital visits. These injuries are typically caused by objects getting lodged in the blades and then thrown, possibly even at bystanders or people simply walking by. The key to avoiding incidents like this is to go over the yard and clear it ahead of time, ensuring no objects are in the path of the mower.

4 - Dehydration

When your body is losing more fluid than it takes in, dehydration is occurring. You might feel your temperature rising and your sweat glands working hard. Unfortunately, you may also experience heat stroke or exhaustion. Obviously, staying hydrated and drinking lots of water are the keys to avoiding dehydration. Summer concerts may not offer enough water, which can lead to serious consequences.

If you do find yourself injured over the summer, you have options. Speaking to a personal injury attorney can help you find a financial solution if you think you have experienced a summer injury due to the negligence of someone else.