When it comes to being involved in a lawsuit, this can be a difficult time for all the people involved. The uncertainty of not knowing how your case may end can be very emotional. However, you may be able to end your legal dispute soon than later when you attend mediation. This is a meeting between you and your opponent to attempt to settle the case among yourselves. Knowing tips to help you at mediation may be helpful for ending the legal argument.

Tip #1: Prepare ahead

One of the best things you can do to get your case settled is to meet with your attorney. This will allow you to ask some of the questions listed below:

1. How many people will attend the mediation?

2.  Is it okay for a family member to attend?

3.  What is the average duration of mediation?

4.  What amount of money should it take to settle the case?

5.  Who pays for the mediator to negotiate the possible settlement?

6.  What happens if the case is settled?

Tip #2: Know your numbers

If you're the defendant in the lawsuit, you should know the most you're willing to pay to end the dispute. On the other hand, if you're the plaintiff, you should have an idea of your financial losses due to the legal dispute.

It's important to have the least amount of money you will accept or offer at mediation before you actually attend this critical meeting.

Tip #3: Know your case

Before attending mediation, it's important to know what may happen if the case isn't settled. Will you need to have a jury trial or will the final verdict be given by a judge? What courthouse will you be required to go to if it does go to court?

If you lose the case, how much money could it potentially cost you? The more you know about what could happen if your dispute isn't settled, the more you may be prepared to end it or not at mediation.

Finally, you may find mediation is your best way of ending the emotional turmoil that civil litigation can often induce. Be sure to go over all the details of what is involved in mediation by consulting with a personal injury attorney like Franklin & Rapp beforehand. Simply schedule a consultation with this professional to know what you can expect on mediation day to help eliminate your anxiety.