A family lawyer is a very versatile type of lawyer who can help you with a wide range of cases. While family lawyers are most often hired to deal with divorce cases, they can be extremely useful in assisting you with an adoption as well. Two reasons to hire a family lawyer for an adoption are to avoid fraudulent services and to improve your chances of a successful adoption.

Fraudulent Services

One of the biggest risks associated with adopting a child is that you and your family may fall victim to a fraudulent service or scam. It is quite common for a service to offer prospective parents the option to adopt a child and then disappear with your money without ever helping you find a child. The problem with these services is that they can often appear quite professional, and may even be able to show you pictures of children that are supposedly up for adoption, which can make spotting a scam a bit difficult.

In addition, these scams are very prevalent when trying to adopt a child from another country. However, your family attorney can help you avoid these scams by recommending reputable adoption agencies that he or she has dealt with in the past. 

Also, a family attorney can help you by researching any adoption service before you give the service any money. The attorney will be looking for any red flags that can be cause for concern, such as the service only being in operation for a short time or the only address available for the service being a post office box.

Successful Adoptions

Failed adoptions are fairly common when it comes to private adoptions. Private adoptions are adoptions that are arranged between the birth parent and adopting parents without the intervention of any adoption agencies. In many cases, the birth parent will arrange for the adopting parents to pay for all of the pregnancy expenses in exchange for the child.

However, it is very common for the birth parent to have second thoughts and choose to keep the child. Sadly, this can often end up with you and your family losing a lot of money and being unable to adopt the child that you may have spent months preparing for. 

Your attorney can help you avoid this issue by creating a legally-binding contract that all parties must sign before you pay for any of the medical expenses. This contract will make it easier for you to win custody of the child if the birth parent has second thoughts. If the birth parent wins custody in court, the contract can help you get compensated for all of the money you gave the birth parent.

Speak to a family attorney today if you are considering adopting a child. A family lawyer can help you avoid fraudulent adoption agencies and failed private adoptions. To learn more, speak with someone from a business like Jackson, Mays & Associates LLC.