Trying to obtain your social security disability benefits may seem like a highly frustrating endeavor sometimes. As much as 70 percent of social security disability claims are denied upon first application. While the odds do improve if you are diligent and keep trying, it is not an easy process if you try to get your disability benefits on your own. However, hiring a disability lawyer to help with your claim can significantly alter the odds in your favor. Your social security disability lawyer will help with your claim in multiple ways, including everything you'll read about below.

Initial Application

The initial paperwork required to file social security disability claims is significant. With so much paperwork in front of you, there are all too many opportunities to make mistakes. A single mistake could delay the processing of your claim, or even get it automatically denied. This is exactly what the lawyer is there to prevent. If you have questions or concerns as you fill out the paperwork, the lawyer will help you with those. If you need assistance with the more confusing aspects of the paperwork, your lawyer may be able to do those portions of the application on your behalf.

Past Due Benefits Application

You can apply for not only benefits you are currently eligible for, but also benefits that you may have been eligible for in the past. Your attorney will determine the exact date that you became eligible for social security disability benefits, and will then create an application for past due benefits on your behalf.

For example, if you became disabled over a year ago but you are only applying for your benefits now, your lawyer can submit paperwork that will request compensation for the entire period of disability. Once you are approved for social security disability benefits, you will typically get all of the past due benefits in a single check. Other payments will occur on a standard monthly schedule.

Application Submission

The social security disability lawyer will review your disability benefits application once completed and make sure it's complete and free of errors. After that, they will be responsible for submitting your application to the Social Security Administration.

Appeals Process

In the event that your initial application is denied, your lawyer will immediately file an appeal. During the appeals process, your lawyer can request that an Administrative Judge hears your case. This is an opportunity for your lawyer to demonstrate irrefutable evidence that you do deserve to get your social security disability. This hearing will take place in a courtroom, and while you ideally need to be present for the hearing, you won't need to do very much. Your lawyer will handle the entire case on your behalf.

Virtually all social security disability cases are winnable. You just need a skilled lawyer on your side. Whether you are just beginning the mountain of paperwork or you just had your second denial, a lawyer who specializes in disability claims can be your greatest ally at this time!