If your company has recently started downsizing and you got let go, that's one major problem. But if you had more seniority than others and you think that the company choose you to leave because of personal issues, you may want to get an employment attorney. Your company could have been discriminating against you.

A lot of people don't realize that discrimination could mean inequality and targeting because of age, gender, race, religious preferences and more. If you think you have evidence that can prove you shouldn't have been let go, your lawyer can fight for you. Here are a few pieces of evidence that would be helpful.


Did you have more seniority than others in the building, but you weren't asked to take a pay cut, or a different position to maintain your place at the company? If your job was eliminated but they are still hiring in other positions, or have recently hired professionals in a position similar to yours, your lawyer should be able to get you a severance package. If they aren't laying off multiple other people, someone who has been there longer than others with good job performance shouldn't be let go.

Good Behavior

Have you been written up or reprimanded at work? If you have a clean record and you perform your job well, what are their means for letting you go? If you can show that you got to work on time, that you didn't go over your allotted sick or vacation time, and that you didn't get in trouble, what other reason would they have to fire you or lay you off? This should all be accessible information your lawyer can use to compile the case.

Proof of Discrimination

Do you have emails that show your employer wanted you to change the way that you dress or look? Did they constantly make you feel like they didn't like you because of your ethnicity or gender? Will other employees contest to the fact they think you were treated unfairly? This is the type of evidence you need to show they were targeting you, and being unfair.

You probably don't want to go back to a job where they don't want you, but hire an employment lawyer to see what you can do about getting some of your wages, or a severance, since they got rid of you unfairly. An employment law firm can let you know in the first consultation if you have a case.